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Can I get to meet you first?

Yes. I offer a no obligation, meet & greet session beforehand (where I arrange a time to go out to your place and meet your beloved pets, write down any instructions you might have etc). This service is free of charge.

What areas do you service?

Hibiscus Coast suburbs only, including the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, Red Beach, Orewa, Hatfield's Beach, Silverdale and Millford.  I can also service some rural areas like Stillwater at an additional fee (pending the distance) - please contact me.

Can you take my caged animal out of its cage during your visit?

Yes. I can take it out of its cage or put it in a play pen (whatever routine you currently have) during my visit. I will also clean its cage, litter box etc.

Can I leave my pet with you?

No. Unfortunately I don't provide boarding facilities.

What will you do in case of a medical emergency?

If something seems amiss with your pet, I will contact you immediately and discuss the situation - if you wish for me to take your pet to the Vet I will do so upon your costs. If I cannot get hold of you or your other contact person and if your pet's situation seems serious, I will take your pet to a Vet and claim the costs from your afterwards. If you are registered at a certain Vet, I will take them to that Vet. If not, I will take them to the nearest Vet. Although this situation has only happened once in 10 years so far (touch wood!).

Can you train my dog?

It is important not to mistake my services as an experienced pet sitter for a dog trainer as I am not qualified for the latter. There are, however, many professional dog training/dog school facilities that you can contact if you require these services.

My pet is very alone and depressed when I go to work. Can you stay with them for the whole day, every day?

Because I have many pets (including my own) to attend to as a pet minder, I am regrettably unable to stay with your pet for longer than my visiting times. If its only for a short time, like when you are away on holiday, your pet should be fine as I will comfort them during my visits. However, if your pet is alone on a permanent basis (i.e. if you work long hours during the day), the best way to solve this problem is to consider getting him/her a friend (preferably of the same specie). Alternatively, if you have a dog, you can also leave your dog at a doggie daycare facility, where he/she will be able to mingle & socialize with other dogs.

Will you be staying at my home?

No. I will merely be visiting your pet and attending to their needs as pet minder at the scheduled times.  I will not be residing in your home, seeing as I have my own home & responsibilities to attend to and often have more than one client at a time.

Are you a student?

No.  I am a mother, married etc.  I am not looking for free accomodation.  I am doing this as a professional part-time job since I love animals.  I also run my own photography business apart from being a pet lover, which is why my schedule is flexible enough to accommodate both part-time jobs.

What do I need to provide you with?

  • Anything that your pet may require i.e. their food, litter bowls, litter, vitamins, medicines, leashes etc

  • Your contact details, as well as the contact details of a next of kin

  • Expected dates of departures and returns if you are going away on holiday

  • Your Vet's details if you have one

  • Any additional information or instructions you might have

  • A spare key to your home

How will I receive feedback?

You can decide on the amount of feedback you want. This can be done via text or email. Alternatively, you are welcome to ring me any time or message me to check up on your pet's wellbeing. 

My pet is very shy and doesn't like strangers.  Can I still make use of your services?

Remember that I will not be living with your pet and won't be intruding in their home.  I will merely be visiting and they will soon get used to this routine and realize that I am not a threat.  Animals normally warm up to the person who gives them food.  I have had dogs barking at me upon my arrival (which is completely understandable since they are just protecting their property), yet, as soon as I provide them with their food, they eat happily and warm up to me.  Either way I will do my best to win over your beloved pet's trust, without making them uncomfortable or upsetting them.  Even if animals don't eat while I am there, I will inspect their food bowls upon my next visit to see if they have eaten (which is normally the case with shy pets).  If you are concerned about how your pet will react to me, I will get to meet them at our meet & greet session.

Are you part of an Agency?

No, I am a pet sitter/pet feeder in my own capacity and do not belong to any agency.  The contact details on this site are my direct contact details. 

What is your rates/pricing?

Please see my rates/pricing category for more info

What services do you offer?

I am a professional pet feeder, pet sitter, pet minder and overal pet caretaker who take house call visits to your home.  Please see services for more info.

How long have you been a pet sitter?

I have been providing services to the Hibiscus Coast area since 2014 (prior to that, I serviced the North Shore).

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